Constancia "Coca" del Cerro

del Cerro, Constancia (“Coca”). Coca del Cerro died on the 1st of February in Princeton, NJ. She was born, grew up, and received her initial education in the Argentinian Province of Chaco. Upon receiving her BS in Education, she moved to the capital city of Buenos Aires, to study at the School on Pharmacy and Biochemistry, where she obtained a MS degree. In Buenos Aires she met her future husband, Manuel del Cerro, MD. In 1964, they left Argentina, to accept positions at the University of Rochester, Medical School, Rochester, NY. There, she continued performing advanced medical research until their retirement in 1998. A very active person, she published scientific papers and trained and mentored numerous graduate and medical students. Upon her retirement she and her husband became avid travellers and maintained an active life until her final disease slowed her down. She is survived by her husband, Manuel del Cerro, MD, daughter Marilu del Cerro DeCoste, in-law relatives William and Dolores DeCoste, and grandchildren Thomas, Samuel, and Christopher Joseph (“CJ”) DeCoste.


In lieu of flowers, contributions to the Princeton Senior Resource Center or to Doctors Without Borders are suggested.